Why Choose Haven Home

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Haven Home Assisted Living

7395 Rockingham Road

Mentor, Ohio  44060


"On the outside it looks like a house...

.....on the inside, it feels like HOME!"

Haven Home Surpasses State Requirements

    STATE  REQUIREMENTS                                        HAVEN HOME
ANNUAL INSPECTIONS                                           VIOLATION FREE             

 MANAGEMENT- ON SITE AT                                40+ HOURS PER WEEK                      
LEAST 16 HOURS PER WEEK                  

 STAFFING - MINIMUM 1 STAFF                         1 PER 4.5 RESIDENTS           
MEMBER PER 16 RESIDENTS                                DURING PRIME TIME                     

 STAFFING AGE - AT LEAST 16                             AVERAGE AGE= 49           
YEARS OLD                                                      

EDUCATION - 6 CEU’S PER YEAR                        12 CEU’S PER  YEAR

    SINGLE OCCUPANCY- 80 SQ FT                       144 SQUARE FEET             
    DOUBLE OCCUPANCY- 60 SQ FT                     95 SQUARE FEET                     

 BATHROOMS - 1 PER 8 RESIDENTS                   1 PER 3.5 RESIDENTS       

DINING AREA TO SEAT AT LEAST                        SEATS 100%                          

EMERGENCY CALL SYSTEM                                              
  NOT REQUIRED IF ROOMS                               ALL BEDROOMS AND              
  ARE ACCESSIBLE FROM  HALL                            BATHS EQUIPPED