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If you or a family member are planning to be the one responsible for assisting your aging loved one with personal care, home upkeep, transportation, housecleaning, etc., this can quickly become very stressful as the family member now becomes a “caregiver” instead of a son or daughter and family relationships can become strained.  So many times, family members have told us how liberating it is to have mom or dad’s daily needs taken care of in assisted living so that they may once again enjoy visiting and sharing a social call as opposed to spending the time engaged in  labor. 

Staying Home versus Assisted Living

Costs of Remaining in the Home

"On the outside it looks like a house...

.....on the inside, it feels like HOME!"

If you are considering whether you or your loved one should remain at home or transfer to assisted living, there are some things you will want to take into account.

 First of all you will want to consider the costs.

*  Property taxes

*  Groceries

*  Recreational/Social Activities

*  Electricity, Gas, Sewer, Water

*  Security System or personal emergency  response system

*  Maintenance (furnace, appliances, home repairs)

*  Cable TV

*  Housekeeping and cleaning supplies or services

*  Laundry

*  Lawn Care or Snow Removal

*  Garbage Removal

*  Phone Service

*  Assistance with Personal Care

*  Transportation :auto insurance, upkeep, etc.

*  Cost of Adult Day Care (?) 

*  Cost of in-home health aide   (starts at $26/hr.)